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MySDS SDS Management Software For North American Municipalities: Cities, Towns, Villages, Boroughs, Communes and Townships
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#1 in SDS services for municipalities in Canada and the US!

MySDS is a municipal expert and unique sole source innovative service provider for the management and organization of your safety data sheets.

To the best of our knowledge MySDS..

Is the only system that truly does all of the work saving your municipality thousands of dollars a year in managing SDSs (and MSDSs).

Depending on wages/benefits and # of products across all sites, generates $30,000 - $60,000 in savings to be WHMIS, OSHA and GHS compliant.

Helps municipalities save significant time.

Does all of the searching for the accurate and compliant safety data sheet for all
municipal products.

Is a proud North American company providing documentation for your chemicals in both Canada and the US (and more).

Provides a municipality the opportunity to have the most organized MSDS and SDS library with all sites under one account and continually updated by a team that is knowledgeable in hazardous materials.

Provides first aid measures within 15 seconds of login.

Provides PPE documentation for product specific education records.

Provides advanced search - finite details of vital information giving your company the opportunity to improve your WHMIS education, safety program & OHSA compliance.

Identifies flammable products within seconds so you know what has to be stored in a flam cabinet (within 15 seconds).

Identifies your most hazardous products.  i.e. Designated Substances, Signal Word -
Danger, or Pictogram – Harmful, etc. (within 15 seconds).

Identifies CAS#, DIN, NPN and more!

Is the most user friendly system – more intuitive than any other SDS library, faster than any other SDS management system.

Offers database personalization – i.e. breakdown by location, site, dept., project, etc.

Offers the ability to add key words (allowing you to add codes for projects), etc.

Can create a unique account for your ‘experimental’ chemicals.

Offers ‘remote user’ bulk downloads to save digital MSDS/SDS PDFs on tablets while they have internet prior to going to a remote area – at no additional charge.

Has no hidden costs.

Has unlimited access to all employees – chargeable with other systems.

Has unlimited administrators – chargeable with other systems (and much, much more).

MySDS is guaranteed to cost less, we are usually less than half the cost of any other comparable system, and MySDS provides more than twice the benefits.

We look forward to working with you toward your WHMIS & OHSA compliance goals.

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If you find a lower price for a comparable service, we will beat it by 10%.* Contact us today, and start saving money today!

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Why Choose MySDS for Your Municipality's SDS Management Needs?

User-Friendly Platform for Municipalities

The MySDS SDS platform is intuitive, mobile-friendly and easy to use. Log in, search and access your SDS in seconds.

Outsourced SDS Maintenance for Cities and Towns

MySDS takes on the burden of maintaining the SDS database across all your locations, saving you time and money.

SDS Compliance Assurance

Our software helps you stay compliant with chemical regulations and standards.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Affordable SDS Management and Tight Municipal Budgets

MySDS provides a cost-effective solution for managing your SDS information compared to manual methods and other SDS providers.

Experience an online system that is simple to use and is accessible from anywhere, on any device!

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